Business Change Programmes


Business change can be a complex, multi-faceted undertaking. It can be deceptively hard to achieve. Many, if not most, change programmes fall short of their expectations and objectives.


Aspects of Business Change

Nineteen Aspects of Business ChangeThere are many aspects which might be a focus of change or affected by a change elsewhere. For example:

When we speak of the aspects of a business change we might mean any or all of these. Moreover, we often find several significant aspects within one of these headline aspects. For example:

We need to recognise each significant aspect and guide its progress through the change journey. Each will take its own course, but form an essential part of the overall transition.


The Change Journey

Business change is a difficult journey into the unknown. However well we imagine the destination and however well we plan the trip, we can be sure that things will work out differently. The further we are into the journey, the less likely it is that we will have held to our original plans and expectations. We can usually see what is immediately ahead, but we must climb to the next ridge before we know what the next stage will look like.

By the time we reach the destination it might well look very different to our expectations. Maybe it is not even the destination we intended and, maybe, we do not want to or cannot stop travelling when we get there.

Participation in a Business Change Programme - available as a PowerPoint slide


Programme Management

Wallace's Wheel Business change programmes involve activities across an organisation, addressing different aspects of the business, following a complex timetable. These activities are blended by the programme management team to deliver the overall collective benefit.

The programme management team needs to act as visionaries, entrepreneurs, politicians, ambassadors, coaches and planners, as well as controlling the individual project managers. Programme managers concern themselves with every matter that collectively adds to the success of the business change initiative. They will act with direct power from the board, cutting across organisational divisions.

Programme management is a highly specialised skill. It requires great experience to derive optimum benefit from a change programme. Given a choice, look for the manager who knows how to deal with transformational business change rather than one who is only specialised in one aspect such as the industry or technology.


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