How To Practise Safe Consulting

BCS Consultancy Specialist Group Webinar, 9th June 2020

You’re an expert in your field – but what else do you need to do to make it a safe and successful business? In this session we will discuss the things you should be thinking about, whether you’re a sole practitioner or a global business.

How To Practise Safe Consulting by Simon Wallace

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Be safe, be successful!

  • Only pursue worthwhile opportunities – then win the work
  • How to charge for your services – pricing, employment contract, time & materials, fixed price, capped fees, success fees, stage payments, expenses, overtime, travelling time
  • Understand your risks and liabilities, price them into the deal and have the right insurance
  • Avoid snags: conflicts of interest, regulatory requirements, intellectual property, data protection, confidentiality/non-disclosure, termination, IR35
  • Sound, agreed contract - what should and shouldn’t you say in a contract?
  • Run it as a business: accountants, tax, VAT, insurances, equipment, web, social media, email
  • Good, professional relationships with your clients and co-workers
  • Be ethical, professional and on your best behaviour
  • KYC / AML / STF / ABC / Bribery Act / don’t go to jail
  • Evidence for deliverables, changes, snags, signoffs, correspondence, etc
  • Get paid – agree timesheets, signoffs and charges / do timely invoices and chase payment
  • Agree a reference and case study before you leave then keep up those good relationships
  • Learn lessons, retain knowledge and store away legitimate materials for next time


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